[TH 8.19.10] Open Channel 3: Chicago’s Electronic Open Mic

Sort of like it’s analog cousin, Open Channel is a non-curated musician’s showcase in a supportive, relaxed environment, except it showcases electronic music, either through DJing or Live PAs. You will get 20 minutes to show off what you do musically, and then listen to other people doing the same thing. There are 12 slots open. The first 12 people … Read More

Interview with Quantazelle at Gearwire

Check out this interview I did with Bill Holland / Mr. Automatic over at GearWire. It’s half super-technical gear talk and half about live performance. If you read closely you’ll learn the secret source of some of my “crunchier” sounding samples.“Native Instruments Absynth, Kontakt, Yamaha PSR-85 And Quantazelle’s Live PA Rig“