Free download of Unlawful Furniture used in the promotional video for futuristic RPG “Always / Never / Now”

Unlawfulfurniture6 by quantazelle

“Always / Never / Now” is a storytelling game adventure that’s somewhere between James Bond and William Gibson in its action and intrigue. There’s a the street samurai with the metal legs and the one-time-professional bodyguard with the metal arms to the the cat burglar with the reckless guile, in over his head. Always/Never/Now translates these characters into ready-to-play action heroes on a mission that stands to change their dystopian future forever.

The designer, Will Hindmarch, an old friend, asked me for a track to use for the promotional video that was kind of “something befitting international espionage, action-adventure, and slickly classy near-future dystopias,” so I recommended Unlawful Furniture.

When I wrote Liz, seeking music for this, my first Kickstarter video, I gave her just the barest rundown of the adventure’s atmosphere and subject matter and she immediately pointed me at “Unlawful Furniture,” the track you hear in the video. I totally thought ‘Unlawful Furniture’ would work when you mentioned spies,” Liz wrote. “[T]hat was the first piece I did where I mentally said “[Okay], let’s go minor chords and dark and not be so chipperty dippity.” That the lyrics for the song encourage listeners (and thus game players) to do “whatever you want to do” only made it feel more apt.

[UPDATE 12/17/11: Wow! A/K/N has majorly exceeded its original goal, and Will is not only taking it in stride but creating even more content to keep up with demand, while still keeping it under a Creative Commons license. I personally love to see projects like this take off, and I’m glad to be a part of it!]

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