Free Soundcloud Meetup at Transistor

Posted by on Feb 4, 2011

Check out our Soundcloud Meetup at Transistor. The folks from Transistor, a cool music and bookstore in Uptown have kindly agreed to host this Meetup. Also, this Meetup will be a bit tricked up. There will be Soundcloud swag and wi-fi, so people can share their tracks.
From the Soundcloud Meetup Group:
Also, the folks from Soundcloud would like for us to record some audio (music, interviews, whatever) from the meetup to share with the Soundcloud community.

I made a Group on Soundcloud where you can post your tracks: Chicago Innovative Electronic Music Soundcloud Group

When: Wednesday, February 9, 2011
7:00 PM
Where: Transistor, 5045 N Clark St
Chicago, IL

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Gifty Quantazelle Stuff!

Posted by on Dec 10, 2010

If you need gifts for electronic musicians, or feel like adding some cool stuff to your wishlist, Check out the Electronic Musician Gear section at my geek boutique, Fractalspin. In particular, the Electronic Musician’s Emergency Adapters are pretty frakking useful. There’s also a bunch of free IDM compilations from subVariant up, too.

And in case you missed it, earlier this year I released a bunch of samples I use in my Quantazelle project under a Creative Commons license, so feel free to download and play around with them. And, yes, I have t-shirts.

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Quantazelle track featured on Le Vestibule radio show Oct 2

Posted by on Oct 3, 2010

PLAYLIST of the 690th radio show « Le Vestibule » October 2, 2010 from 9:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M.

1) Gabriel Johnson: “No Words” (ELECTROFONE MUSIC)

2) Thievery Corporation: “Shadows Of Ourselves (Feat. Lou Lou)”

3) Crocodiles: “Mirrors” (FAT POSSUM RECORDS)

4) Breakbot: “Baby I’m Yours (Feat. Irfane) (Aeroplane Remix)” (ED BANGER RECORDS)

5) Unkle: “Country Tune (Feat. Gavin Clark)” (SURRENDER ALL)

6) Dark Dark Dark: “Celebrate” (SUPPLY AND DEMAND)

7) Deerhunter: “Earthquake” (4ad)

8) Opera Multi Steel: “Fureur en Asie” (WAVE RECORDS)

9) Exit Calm: “You’ve Got It All Wrong” (CLUB AC30)

10) Klangstabil: “Vertraut (Ostball Remix by Synapscape)” (ANT-ZEN/MHZ RECORDS)

11) Surface Of Atlantic: “Tear Garden” (METROPOLE RECORDS)

12) Peace Orchestra: “Shining (Feat. Chilli Bukasa)” (G-STONE RECORDINGS)

13) theYage: “Devils & Angels” (DYSTOPIA RECORDINGS)

14) Young Galaxy: “Lost In The Call” (ARTS & CRAFTS)

15) Lindstrom and Christabelle: “Lovesick (Fan Death Rework Remix)” (SMALLTOWN SUPERSOUND)

16) Joe Galen: “Fish And Chips” (CREAKED RECORDS)

17) Auditory Canvas: “Lost and Found” (SUMMER RAIN RECORDINGS)

18) Quantazelle: “Digital Love” (SUBVARIANT)

19) Handful Of Snowdrops: “Astronaut” (NANOGENESIE)


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[TH 8.19.10] Open Channel 3: Chicago’s Electronic Open Mic

Posted by on Aug 15, 2010

Chicago Electronic Open Mic: Open Channel 3Sort of like it’s analog cousin, Open Channel is a non-curated musician’s showcase in a supportive, relaxed environment, except it showcases electronic music, either through DJing or Live PAs. You will get 20 minutes to show off what you do musically, and then listen to other people doing the same thing.

There are 12 slots open. The first 12 people who RSVP and pay will be guaranteed a slot. Playing order will be determined on the date of the performance.

You are also absolutely welcome to bring friends, or just come as a spectator!

There is a suggested donation of $5.

Live visuals & Digital Art Showcase by the members of The Chicago Digital Art & Multimedia Group.



* You will be plugging in to an open channel on the mixer with one RCA cable from your gear. We will have 2 people set up on the table and then use the mixer to fade between people when they are ready to go, without dead air. Please try to stick to the 20 minute limit so everyone gets a chance to play.

* There are no monitors, but the room is not huge and the space is carpeted.

* Please note that there is not a lot of room at the front of house, so try to keep your gear footprint to the smallest you can manage (ie: there is no room to set up a full drum kit, so don’t bring it). The ideal setup would be a laptop plus one or two pieces of outboard gear / MIDI controllers.

* You will be plugging into a Beringer mixer so you will need to have L/R 1/4″ mono plugs out

Scroll to MULTIKULTI on the call box to get buzzed in and go up to the 4th floor. The space is an art + media collective and gallery. BYOB.

Text / call me personally at (312) 869-4647.

1000 N. Milwaukee Ave, 4th Fl
Chicago IL 60647

Please say OPEN CHANNEL at the buzzer or door so you can be directed to the right room. See you soon!

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Shout-out in the Chicago Reader

Posted by on Jul 1, 2010

The Chicago Reader’s Gossip Wolf column mentioned the Quantazelle Sample Remix contest. Thanks, guys!

Winners of the Quantazelle remix contest were announced last week by the Chicago laptop jockey herself, aka Liz McLean Knight. The idea behind the project wasn’t to turn a Quantazelle track into Ibiza-grade bubble foam but to make use of odds and sods from the extensive sample library she’s assembled over the years. The winners, production duo Technobears, have previously won remix contests held by Yoko Ono and the Pretenders.

Read more:“Girls Rock! Chicago needs volunteers, local bands bond over KARP, White Flag’s belated Chicago debut, and more”

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Quantazelle Remix Contest Winners!

Posted by on Jun 26, 2010

FIRST PLACE: Technobears: “Quantazelle – It’s Not the Same”
This was a funky, melodic track with a really creative sample use, and strong transitions and breakdowns. Technobears won a $75 gift certificate to Fractalspin and a Coaster CD.

SECOND PLACE: Beanbake: “Irrational Beats”
Beanbake’s approach was impressive in that he used only my samples and was still able to put together a cohesive, catchy track. Dark, yet groovy, it relied heavy on vocal samples layered together in interesting ways. Beanbake won a $50 gift certificate to Fractalspin and a Coaster CD.

THIRD PLACE: Jonas the Plug Expert: “Modsquared”
Jonas the Plug Expert created a dense, blissed-out IDM track with sputtery beats and layered melodies, including highly-manipulated Quantazelle samples. Mr. Plug Expert won a $25 gift certificate to Fractalspin and a subVaritrax CD

Naetron: “Dr. Tron’s Proper Sauce”

Salomon: “Audiodrome”

Masterprogrammer: “Shock-o-Zelle”

Thanks to everyone that entered! It was fun listening to all the tracks you made. Enjoy the samples. They are free to download here.

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